Privacy Policy

What user data is gathered?
When you visit AD Translatica Anna De Gambe websites some data connected to your visit and connection parameters is gathered automatically as standard server procedure (e.g. IP address, search engine info, websites you have been visited and how long they have opened).

Information obligation
According to Article 13.1.2 Regulation (EU) 2016/79 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27th April 2016
AD Translatica Anna De Gambe with registered office in Kraków, ul. Sodowa 17/4, 30-376 Kraków, inform you as your Personal Data Controller that:

1. Your data will be processed according to Article 6.1, point a) and b), and according to the General Data Protection Regulation of 27th April 2016.
2. Your data will be processed as to deliver our services, i.e. prepare the valuation of the service and deliver the service (including post-sale marketing).
3. Your personal data will be hold during the whole duration of the contract/cooperation and after its termination as to:
pursue claims regarding the contract,
fulfill legal obligation, regarding taxes and accounting,
keep statistics and archives,
no longer than 5 years after the cooperation is terminated.
4. It is voluntary to provide any data, although necessary for the company AD Translatica Anna De Gambe to provide services.
5. Your data will be made available to the authorized persons due to official duties. Your data will be also made available to the relevant authorities according to the law.
6. You have the right of access to your personal data, as well as rectification, erasure and restrict the proceeding of your personal data, the right of data portability, the right to object and the right to withdraw consent at any time, without affecting the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal.
7. You have the right to lodge a complaint with the GIODO supervisory authority (address: Generalny Inspektorat Ochrony Danych Osobowych, ul. Stawki 2, 00-193 Warszawa) if you consider that your rights are infringed under the General Data Protection Regulation of 27th April 2016.
8. Your data will not be processed automatically nor profiled.
9. Any request and questions regarding your personal data please contact us at:

How is your data used?
Statistical data gathered by AD Translatica Anna De Gambe by the means of websites shall be used to better knowledge of the customers’ requirements and uses and therefore to better adjust our offer and website to your needs. Contact data are used only to perform the ongoing jobs and recruiting processes.
None of the data gathered by AD Translatica Anna De Gambe by the means of the websites will be made available for any other companies nor used for any other purpose than those abovementioned.

AD Translatica Anna De Gambe websites use cookies technology.

What do we do to protect user data?
AD Translatica Anna De Gambe has implemented Information Security Policy. All data gathered on AD Translatica Anna De Gambe websites are protected from disclosure or making available by implemented routines and technical means within Information Security.

If you have any other questions regarding Privacy Policy at AD Translatica Anna De Gambe, feel free to contact us at biuro@tlumacz-szwedzkiego.ol



§ 1. Scope

1. Those General Terms of Cooperation – Regulations, hereinafter referred to as Regulations, describe framework conditions for cooperation between AD Translatica Anna De Gambe, ul. Sodowa 17/4, 30-376 Kraków, Polish Tax ID number NIP 5862075234, hereinafter referred to as the Contractor and other business entities or private persons, hereinafter referred to as the Contracting Party, in regarding to services delivered by the Contractor to the Contracting Party.

§ 2. Scope of services

1. The Contractor offers services delivered by the way of business that are regulated by the Regulations, such as translations (general and sworn) and interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive and sworn), hereinafter referred to as the Order.

§ 3. Purchase order, date and means of service delivery

1. The Parties shall establish the terms of delivering the Order, in writing or by remote communication (phone, e-mail), followed by direct and personal submitting the Purchase Order in writing by e-mail. The Purchase Order shall include clear information on the scope of the Order, predetermined Terms of the Order (delivery date and preliminary price, including any extra terms and conditions) as well as contact data of the Contracting Party. In case of submitting the Purchase Order in person or by post it shall include the readable signature of the Contracting Party and the company stamp. In case of submitting the Purchase Order per e-mail it shall be send from the company address of the Contracting Party.
2. The Purchase Order is regarded as submitted to be executed the moment the Contractor received the Purchase Order (personally, per post or e-mail) and in case of translation – together with all materials to be translated. The Purchase Oder shall be submitted on a working day until 4 p.m. In case of interpreting the Purchase Order shall be submitted at least 7 days before planned event. In case of late submission of material or Purchase Order it is regarded that the Purchase Order was submitted the next working day. A working day is, according to those Regulation, any day the Contractor offers their services, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays or any days free from work duty.
3. In case the Contracting Party fails to meet the requirements in point 3.1 regarding date of submitting the completed Purchase Order to the Contractor, the Contractor has the right to decide on a new delivery date for this Purchase Order.
4. The Contractor is obligated to execute the submitted Purchase Order with due diligence.
5. The Order is considered delivered by the Contractor upon executing/delivering the service for the Contracting Party within time and by the means stated in the Purchase Order or if the Order is ready to be picked up by the Contracting Party on the stated day and time.
6. The Contracting Party is obligated to pick up the Order and remunerate the Contractor as agreed by the Parties regarding time and method of payment.
7. Confirmation of receipt of the delivered Order (regarding translations), which is equivalent to confirmation of delivery, is:

  • picking up the translation and invoice personally,
  • mailing receipt – in case the translation is sent by post or delivery company,
  • e-mail sending confirmation (date and time) – in case the translation is sent by e-mail.

§ 4. Service price

1. The Contractor sets the price for the Order based on preliminary costs calculation, stated in the signed Purchase Order. The price calculation is indicative and may vary from the final price (if the amount of source text differs from the amount of target text).
2. The final price for translation is based upon the amount of characters or words in the final translation. 1 unit of translation equals 250 words. General translations of more than 1 unit are accountable with accuracy of each started unit. 1 unit of sworn translation equals 1125 charts including spaces and marks. Minimal priced unit is 1.
3. In case of interpreting the remuneration for the service is based on the pricing list the Contractor presents based on the Price List valid on the day the Purchase Order is submitted. Signing and submitting the Purchase Order is considered as accepting the proposed price.
Any changes in Terms of Order shall be sent to the Contractor in writing. Change in scope of Order influences the service price.
Any Purchase Order submitted to the Contractor 48 hours or shorter before the day the Order is supposed to be processed leads to at least 30% charge above the price. Any delivery before the stated date or time has no influence on the price.
4. All payments are to be made by bank transfer onto the Contractor’s company bank account stated on the invoice.

§ 5. Non-delivery of the service or improper performance of the service

1. The Order is regarded as delivered with improper performance if:

  •  it has not been delivered in required standard,
  • it has not been delivered on time.

2. The Contracting Party is obligated to inform the Contractor about any flaws no later than within 7 days after delivering the translation or 3 days after delivering the interpreting services.
3. In case the Contracting Party delivers proof of one of the abovementioned flaws, the Contractor is obligated to correct the flaw immediately within the period agreed with the Contracting Party.
4. If the flaw mentioned in point 1.1. above cannot be corrected, the Ordering Party has the right to contractual penalty of 10% set Order price and if the flaws are to be considered significant, as stated in the complaint procedure according to § 7 below, the Contracting Party has the right to lower the Order price by 50%.
5. In case of late delivery of the Order (point 1.2 above) the Contracting Party has the right to contractual penalty of 1% set Order price per each working day of late delivery, however no longer than 25% of set Order price.
6. All liability in damages and compensation regarding all damage due to Order is limited by the set Order price.
7. The Contracting Party understands and acknowledges that Orders delivered in express time may be translated by a group of translators and proof-readers which can influence the quality and terminology uniformity.
8. The Contractor has no liability for lack of terminology uniformity with terminology applied by the Contracting Party as the materials are always translated according to the most popular terminology in the field. Moreover, the Contractor has no liability for lack of culture adaptation according to the recipients’ environment unless such service has been specifically ordered.
9. The Contractor has no liability for lack of further control processes that shall be applied before any translated text is published or copied, if no extra service of proof-reading or native-speaker edition has been specifically ordered.
10. The Contractor has no liability for any mistakes or text discrepancies in the source text submitted by the Contracting Party.
11. The Parties has no mutual liability for improper performance or non-delivery if those were caused by force majeure. As force majeure it is understood, according to those Regulations, any walkouts or strikes, blockage, IT system failures, power blackouts, terrorist attacks, diseases or illnesses that affects the Part calling upon force majeure. Any Part affected by the force majeure shall immediately inform the other Part, including the preliminary date when they will be free from those difficulties.
12. Article 38 of Polish Official Journal from 2014, item 827 as amended. The consumer has no right to withdrawal from contracts met outside the company’s office or remotely in case of: 1) services if the Contractor has already completed the service upon the consumer’s clear acceptance, when the consumer has been informed in advance that they lose the right to withdraw the moment the service is delivered.

§ 6. Complaint dispute

1. In case there is a dispute between the Parties regarding flaws in the completed Order, according to § 5 above, the Parties are obligated to resolve the dispute amicably, after getting the expert opinion from an expert recommended by the independent arbitrator, that both Parties agree on and whose name is on the list of sworn translators.
2. Contractual penalty as described in § 5.4 above depends on the arbitrator’s opinion.
3. The costs of arbitration are paid by this Party which loses the dispute.

§ 7. Exclusivity, liability and withdrawal from the contract

1. The Contracting Party is obligated to submit any Orders and negotiate any terms and conditions only directly with the Contractor. It is forbidden to contact any third parties, especially translators, who are responsible to deliver the service for the Contractor.
2. If the Contracting Party breaches the ban described in point 1 above, the Contractor has the right to contractual penalty of 50% set Order price.
3. The Contracting Party is obligated not to contact any of the Contractor’s translators or interpreters during the period of twelve months after the last Order.
4. The Contracting Party has the right to withdraw from the Order and pay the Contractor at the same time according to the following:
1. If the Order regarded interpreting service and the withdrawal takes place
up to 7 days before the set date – 50% of set Order price as stated in the Purchase Order
up to 5 days before the set date – 75% of set Order price as stated in the Purchase Order
up to 1 day before the set date – 100% of set Order price as stated in the Purchase Order.
No payment received to the full amount makes the withdrawal ineffective.
2. In case the Order regarded translation – the withdrawal penalty shall equal the amount of work already done at the moment the translator received the information about the withdrawal. The Contractor shall deliver the Contracting Party the partially translated text as proof. In case the Contractor has not yet started any translation but has already born the preparation costs (for adapting the file to be translated to the translator’s needs), the Contracting Party is obligated to pay withdrawal penalty equal to those preparation costs.

§ 8. Confidentiality clause

1. The Contractor is obligated to keep all information submitted and made available due to the services by the Contracting Party as confidential. This information may be made available only to the Contractor’s own employees and sub-contractors working directly with the Order.
2. Both Parties are obligated to keep information about price and terms of Order confidential.

§ 9. Final provisions

1. Any outstanding issues are subject to the provisions of the Polish Civil Code, where the Parties agree upon excluding any other rights the Contracting Party may have had due to non-delivery and/or improper performance of the Order except for what is described above.
2. The Regulations are binding for the Parties the moment the Purchase Ordered is signed and submitted.
3. The provisions in those Regulations may be individually changed between the Parties only if in writing in order to be valid.
4. The Regulations is valid from 1st July 2018.